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Not JUST a photo-sharing app: 4 Steps to Improve Your Instagram Game

Okay, so did you hear the news? Instagram released two videos talking about the algorithm and evolving the platform to be more than JUST a photo-sharing app.

Let’s think about what @mosseri, the head of Instagram, is saying: the app will prioritize videos and shopping and have more opportunities for creators to monetize their accounts.

Why is there a focus on creators and shops? The pandemic has accelerated entertainment on other video platforms (Mosseri called out Tik Tok and YouTube specifically). The pandemic also ushered the need for online shops, delivery services and overall digital presence to get information.

Before changing your entire content strategy, we wanted to remind you that Mosseri said, don’t just share square photos - but that doesn’t mean pictures are going extinct on IG. There was a significant emphasis on engagement - or as we like to call it, ‘don’t post and ghost.’

Another thing you can do is begin to use carousels and meaningful captions. This can lead to longer views on your posts, telling IG that your audience values your content and will show you to more people.

Here are some things you can do to Improve Your Instagram Game to meet some of the new recommendations made by Instagram:

  • Change your in-feed photo to the dimensions 1080 x 1350

  • Add carousels

  • Try video features: IGTV, Reels + Stories. For stories, also use things poll, questions, locations and more.

  • Be social! Comment, like share and post. We use and highly recommend the 1.80 strategy.

Our takeaways are to use the features at your fingertips. Make your feed shoppable if you can, make VIDEOS, keep it social and have fun.

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