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Check Out These 5 Tips To Survive Mercury Retrograde

It's that dreaded time of year again, Mercury Retrograde!! At Sweet Talk, we are guided by astrology through our culture, and we take these three weeks quite seriously. Most people are still not aware of all the troubles that can arise during this period. So, let's talk about Mercury retrograde now and some solutions.

Why do we dread it? It's because the planet Mercury rules communication! We expect failures or obstacles in communications and other aspects of life during this period. But, we want to reframe our thinking about Mercury Retrograde and prep for anything that might come our way. Here are some tips you can use to make this period better for you:

1. Calm and collect yourself. Mercury retrograde is a time to allow for a little extra room for checking and rechecking your communications. If you're making a speech or presentation, maybe find time to double your files, have a quiet moment to yourself to find your center, remove your superficial blocks (or fears) and get ready to kill it!

2. Share the stage. Mercury retrograde can stir up outbursts, meltdowns and misunderstandings. This year, pay attention to what you are saying to others. Watch for areas where your words might be harsh. When others speak, listen to completely comprehend what they are trying to say to create a balanced conversation where everyone's feelings matter and are seen and respected.

3. Connect with nature. During crashes or if you're locked out of your email, maybe it's a good time to disconnect, go for a walk to ground yourself – and remind yourself that tough times will happen and that you can overcome any obstacles.

4. Confirm your plans. Don’t lose track. Check all the details before you make your move. Mercury is making us prone to mistakes right now, so double-check everything, make sure that your meeting times or travel arrangements are all in there and are correct.

5. Break bad habits. Instead of dreading it, embrace this period as an opportunity to break destructive patterns and form new ones. Treat this time to reflect on how you want to live your life and emerge from it with a clearer sense of who you are and steps to take to have the life you want to live and feel.

Know that Mercury Retrograde comes every few months, so you can take care of things now before the big shakeup hits regularly. Think of it as a time to get your ducks in a row so you'll be ready for whatever comes your way.

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