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Go Ahead Take That Vacation: Five Tips For Businesses To Take Time Off.

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Vacations reduce stress and can help you become a more productive business owner. By taking breaks, you will recoup, refresh and rejuvenate!

While a small business owner taking time off might seem an impossible dream, there are likely many things you can do to get the break you deserve.

According to most studies, taking vacation days can provide tangible benefits to your business.


Tip 1: Give Advanced Notice To Your Clients

It's time to communicate clearly and let your clients know your plans early on. Give precise information - "I'll be away for two weeks from June 28. I will not have access to my phone and will be checking my email infrequently." This will give clients time to plan and set clear expectations from both parties.

Tip 2: Identify The Least Busy Time Of The Year & Plan Vacations In Advance

This might be an obvious tip, but the further you can plan your vacation, the easier it will be to take it. This could have an opportunity to cross-train a trusted employee in case of emergencies and builds skills and value for that person stepping in.

Tip 3: Choose A Vacation That Is Already Near A Holiday

Whenever there is a public holiday, the entire business world (well, except for maybe those in the hospitality industry) operates a bit more slowly. Planning your vacation for this specific week would have a minimal effect on your bottom line. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Memorial Day, and Labour Day are excellent holiday planning choices. And y'all in the hospitality industry could have reduced hours, and no one would bat an eye.

Tip 4: Set An Automated Message For Phone Calls, Emails and even DMs

If you're like us, that nagging red notification makes it hard to relax. We turn off our notifications and turn on automated messaging for phone calls, emails and DMs. Facebook and Instagram both have features to auto-reply. You can customize the message saying you're away and perhaps leave an alternative contact number and the date you plan on returning. This will help keep anxious clients at ease.

Tip 5: Give Yourself A Break—the World Isn't Going to End Without You

It may be helpful to turn off your phone and computer altogether. After all, the purpose of a vacation isn't to be constantly worrying about your business. The purpose of a break is to get some much-needed relaxation and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Go ahead and take a deep breath—things will be just fine, and the world will not end without your presence.

If you or your employees never vacation, your business and your health will suffer.

“Some of your best ideas come when you’re on vacation.”

You and your employees must take time off to recreate your ideas and energy. Kick back, see some inspiring scenery, travel someplace new, plant a garden or even read some books.

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