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Communications Trends And Global Signals To Take Into The New Year

We have to start this post with one question, Where are you?

The pandemic forged and fortified the digital landscape. You NEED to be where your people (your patients, your customers, your employees) are! It's not too late to strengthen your online presence. Do the research and go where your people are. You do not have to be on ALL platforms. If you have a "healthy" email list or Facebook following - start there. Put systems in place to consistently post updates, share news and build your community.

Enhancing your communications allows for better discovery, making it easier for customers to find you where they spend their time.

If you were looking for a sign to embrace social media, this is it!

Experts predict Baby Boomers are more likely to try tech-enabled services for the first time while social distancing. Consumers across all generations are likely to continue this behaviour after COVID - trading analog for digital resources.

The Other Side Effects

Some other impacts from this year are:

Homebody Economy

Engage consumers where they work and live (which is often the same place.) This may look like: webinars, virtual events, IG Live or a robust social media calendar.

The Rise of Wellness/Mental Health Support

Share your knowledge - now is the time to 'be there' for your audience. We saw the world come together to show support and encourage one another.

This may look like: hosting seminars, tutorial videos and having resources accessible to staff.

Brands HAVE to be socially responsible.

Blanket statements won't work. Why? Because it is not authentic. Do your research - what are the ways YOU can make the community better.

This may look like: partnering with others (ex., food bank drive.)

Take this moment in time to usher in new habits that grow your business. Let go of the idea that social media is there for pretty pictures, checking up on your high school crush or solely a platform for the next viral trend. Social media is at the forefront of the bare minimum of what consumers expect from a business.

Now is the time to invest in your communications strategies. At Sweet Talk Media Inc, we can amplify your brand, maintain consistent outreach, and build a plan for your digital transformation. Email us at to set-up a COMPLIMENTARY consultation.



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