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The 5 Things We Learned From National Donut Day!

Whether you like donuts or loathe them, there’s no denying that people love celebrating this sweet treat!

We’ve been working in marketing for awhile now so we know that #NationalDonutDay is always an epic holiday! And this year was no exception!!

It was a trending topic all day on Twitter in Canada with a staggering 42,000+ tweets, and an astonishing 660,000+ posts on Instagram.

We knew it was going to be a celebrated holiday, so we bought donuts from local shops and we’re going to do a photoshoot but then we chose to stick to what we do best which is marketing!

We decided to share a case study from the largest donut franchise and Canadian icon Tim Hortons. We wanted our followers to still get the content that they expect from us – which is marketing tips and take part in the national hashtag holiday. Even if you’re not in the food industry you can still partake in this holiday. Here are some learnings from this year’s #NationalDonutDay.

1. Get 'pun'ny in your caption.

2. Do polls in stories and have fun with it.

3. Keep your brand personality/business message at the forefront.

We love lifestyle blogger chandeliers.and,champagne's take on the day! Perfect for the beauty and wellness industries who want to celebrate!

4. Show your support!

Or if you’re an advocate to shop local then you can do things like tagging a post with your favourite local shops or make an Instagram guide and have the top donut shops in your city.

5. Create yummy content for your community

If you are feeling ambitious you can write an article like People Magazine.


Start thinking of your audience as more than just a client that you serve. Think of your client as the person that they are, they may come to you for skin care or to get their hair done but they also come with interests and hobbies. By finding ways of being relatable beyond your service, you will connect with your clients in a very personable way. This will help with building trust and brand loyalty.

Ready to plan ahead for the next huge social media holiday? We are ready to help you! Contact Jessica and Jane via email

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