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Why We Started Our Business During A Worldwide Pandemic

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Some people may find it crazy that we continued to stay the course and launch our business, Sweet Talk Media Inc., during the Covid outbreak.

My sister and co-founder, Jane, and I debated whether or not the time was right. Should we wait until things settle down? For the virus to be cured? Or should we continue to outscore each other on Houseparty while our mission to help small businesses become savvy marketers is put on hold indefinitely? 

Then we saw this quote from Instagram influencer Jenna Kutcher who said, “this is not the season to be quiet, this is the season to communicate.”

Now more than ever, people and businesses are relying on social media to stay in touch with friends, consume the news, and be entertained. In fact, Facebook and Instagram have seen a 40% increase in usage due to Covid, with views for Instagram Live and Facebook Live doubling in one week, according to Later Media

 If you want to make a deeper connection with your audience, now is the time to share content that aligns with your brand values. Your business can become as human as possible on your social media channels—while juggling the necessary bit of marketing and selling needed to stay in business. 

Covid is proof that you can’t predict the future. The lessons we can learn from it is to pivot, be proactive and be empathetic. Leveraging your communications on the channels your audience is on will allow you to reach in a more meaningful way.

We know small businesses around the world are the heartbeat of cities – they embody the meaning of grit and ingenuity. They are our inspiration - that is why we are excited to join them while also banding together in supporting them in this predictable journey. 



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