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5 Tips To Get Noticed on Social Media

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

There’s so much content there, so how do you break through the clutter? In the digital world, you need to STOP THE SCROLL and get people to read/watch and engage with your content. You want them to come back for more. Good news! There are some tried and tested ways that you can use on social media.

Here are five tactics to break through the noise on social media: 1. Consistency 🗓

This doesn’t have to be posting every day but try creating a sustainable content calendar with a few posts a week. Once you have a regular flow of content, you could ask your audience to turn on notifications, so they don’t miss a thing.

HINT: we use a planner to write our captions first with business goals and target audience in mind, then once we have written 10-15 captions, we plan our visuals. Purchase our content calendar planner (cost: less than $20)

2. Interact And Engage With Your Community 💗

Digital marketing tips using a phone with messaging icons

First and foremost, respond to all your comments and DMs... don't forget to check your spam and "requests" folders on Instagram.

Then, use a people-first approach to your content. Interact with your audience, leave genuine comments, ask questions, respond to their stories, and show them some love by liking and following back.

3. Use the social media channel you’re on 📳 (don’t post and ghost).

At the end of the day, all platforms want you to use and STAY on their app. This step is meet the platform's needs AKA the algorithm.

You could perhaps share your post with stories or share a post with friends. Check out the explore page or the hashtags you use. Take some time out to check out the trending topics. And, you know, enjoy some time on the app.

4. Use features within the app 📲

Did you know platforms love it when you use their new features and tools on the app? Most social media channels even reward users who embrace the "new" by showing their content to more people.

Some of our favourite features on Instagram are within Stories:

  • use the polls

  • use the featured stickers - this is great because it pushes your stories to the top of their stories feed

  • tag locations and use the mention feature

5. Be kind to yourself - try not to let social media affect your mental health. 🤗

So while the concept of social media is great, and we definitely believe it has its place in marketing, there can be so much content on social media that it becomes a frustrating experience. Instead of always striving for quantity, focus on quality and be consistent in your posting. That way you can develop true relationships with your audience. Then you can begin to foster a meaningful dialogue which will go a long way towards creating brand loyalty.

With the right strategy, tools and a bit of help from a good consultant, you could also get started with a social media plan and crush it like the pros.

We hope this was helpful! We have used and are still using these tips for the past six years and counting as we manage social media and digital marketing for global franchises, local businesses and charities.

If you're looking for social media strategies or management, please reach out to us at, follow us on Instagram or visit our services page for special, affordable bundles.


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