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How To Stay On Top Of Your Marketing As A Busy Mom (Or Working A 9-5)

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Moms, momtrepreneurs, and momagers are all busy women. With families, households and careers (or side hustles) managing your marketing can fall by the wayside. As women working full-time jobs, we can relate to feeling like our days would fly by or thinking we have no time to work on what we TRULY love. We launched this blog to share how to stay on top of your marketing for you.

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One of the BEST ways to do so is to follow a process. By process, we mean setting aside time to be intentional with what needs to be done. And then breaking up the content creation process with the time you allot—for instance, brainstorming blog post ideas, editing photos or recording podcasts—you’re more likely to eventually complete those tasks once you have started.

Here are FOUR TIPS we use for content marketing:


You need to know who you are talking to, but more importantly, you need to define their pain points, how you can help, and what platforms they will be on. Alongside this, you should set goals. Do you want to sell a certain number of products? Do you want to grow on social media?

Once you know this, you can begin creating content with tactics to meet your goals. This is how we start planning for our clients. We created a content calendar with information to create your Audience Personas so you can speak and find your ideal clients more easily.


If you can work on someone’s business for 8 hours, you can work on yours for 2 hours.

The most important thing is finding the time and resisting the urge to put your marketing off. Try this:

  • Schedule a regular time for it. Start in small blocks (20 mins to 60 mins a day - it will add up for the month).

  • Make it a priority. Ask for some help. Maybe a partner or loved one can take your kids out and use that time to work on your marketing.

  • Get things done when you're in a flow state. This could be during nap time, before or after work or during lunch break.

  • Set goals, be detailed and accountable.

  • Reward yourself for completing tasks

Now that you've set the time aside, here’s what you can do!

Grab a pen and notebook or use your phone:

  • Make outlines for blogs (this blog started as an outline on a lunch break)

  • Save your fave Reels or TikToks to batch later

    • Start a spreadsheet, copy the URL and makes notes on what you want to record or even the captions you want to use.

  • Write down possible captions for the month ahead.

This works! In the last few months, we used our time block to stay on top of our client’s social media and plan designs for our sweatshirts, made for entrepreneurs, in our ETSY store.

Rest is important, so we keep Sundays work-free. Make it a day to rest, recharge and reconnect with the family so you don’t feel guilty for sacrificing your time during the week.

3. Have a PLAN TO POST

Why should you schedule your posts? It prevents overthinking, reduces screentime, and it actually frees up time so you can spend time with your loved ones.

  • Make notes, write captions in advance or plan your content in a scheduler Meta Business Suite (FREE) or Planoly (approx. $10 a month)

  • Make a content schedule

4. Make it a HABIT TO CREATE

Post before you’re ready! We live in a fast pace world where content is produced by the millions, and the attention span of the viewer is decreasing. This gives you an opportunity to create!

You can create more spontaneous content and share to stories or even post without over-editing or using filters.

Having an aesthetic or brand story is one of the best parts of marketing, and you don’t have to give that up. You can still incorporate your brand through:

  • Wearing your colours and sticking to your brand style

  • Make your text in your brand colour, be sure to follow your brand guidelines for tone and look to keep it all cohesive

  • Still take a few seconds to edit your images. You can really enhance your shots by increasing exposure and adjusting the temperature and saturation

There you have it, mamas (and side-hustlers)! By having a strategy, being intentional with your time, breaking up your content creation into bite-size tasks and carving out time to post is the process to publishing your content. It may sound like the opposite but doing this actually SAVES time so you can spend quality time with the ones you love!

Follow us @sweettalkmediainc and check out our online shop. Need a hand with marketing? We have tons of great bundles.



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