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Plan Like A Pro: Content Batch Your Socials

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Can't keep up with all the social media changes! Don't worry, it can be overwhelming. When we plan for clients, we focus on their community. By doing so, we don't have to worry as much about the trends and cater communications to the audience who already love their brand and those who don't know it yet 😉

In this blog post, we share ways to save business owners time when creating content to build their social media presence – and give them the confidence to post consistently by planning, AKA content batching.

So, suppose you want to know how agencies balance posting to multiple accounts consistently and effectively. In that case, the insider trick is that we use planning tools to create, collaborate and schedule content.


First, think about your audience! This is the person all your content should be geared to. Get specific - yes, you need the demographics, but you also need to identify how your business solves something that may be a pain point for them.

Then define your goals. Are you looking to grow your account? Are you looking for more sales? Your content calendar will then have to reflect this. Choose platforms where your audience is on and then use the app to help achieve your goals. For example, let's say you have a purse boutique and want to grow. You know your audience is active on Facebook. You could end your caption with "share this post with a friend you want to buy this bag with."

Choose 3-4 topics you want to talk about. These will be your content buckets. Use them throughout the month, always think about your audience - speak to them (or better, solve their problem), think about how the social media platform functions ( ex., can you click on links? can you share the post?) and use the app's features to communicate your topics while driving tactics to meet your goals.

BONUS TIP: if a social media channel can't add a clickable link, don't add it. Drive traffic to a place where it is linked. Make things as easy as possible for your customer.

Don't forget that social media is now an entertainment + education platform. Provide value and lifestyle stories along the way that are interesting to your audience, and it makes you memorable to your audience. These topics are great as short videos, perfect for Reels, Tik Tok or YouTube Shorts.

We created a digital planner we currently use for our clients, ranging from small businesses to global franchises. It has tools to develop your:

  • audience personas

  • sample call to action (which you should include with EVERY caption)

  • a hashtag bank where you can add the ones relevant to you

  • And sections to plan your blog and digital ads!

**We are revamping our calendar for our Etsy Store- stay tuned**

Follow us @sweettalkmediainc for updates, or check out our online shop regularly for some amazing merch and digital downloads. Need a hand with marketing? We have tons of incredible bundles.


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