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🤓 All Eyes on You: FOUR Social Media Tips For Your Optical Practice

"I can't think without my glasses." -Vivienne Westwood

1️⃣ Provide Tips & Be a Resource: educate your audience on the importance of eye health and eye safety with facts, relevant news, and tips from your staff.⁠

2️⃣ Share Success Stories: use social to highlight testimonials; they will go a long way in establishing trust with your audience.⁠

3️⃣ Lashtag… er, we mean, use Hashtag Holidays such as National Sunglasses Day (June 27th) and Healthy Vision Month (May) are great ways to share content from practice and draw in new patients.

4️⃣ Stay Consistent: make sure you’re posting regular content and use social media scheduling tools like Planoly or Later to keep your posts organized.

Dog with glasses drinking coffee. Blog Post: social media tips for optical practices

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Original Source: Vision Expo - Sweet Talk updated it for 2020



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