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What We Learned From Our Brand Makeover & How It Will Help You

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

We’ve been through the wringer for the past couple of years (and counting, tbh). We launched Sweet Talk in 2020 as a space to learn marketing through joyful eyes because the real world felt like the opposite. We’re here to share what we learned from our brand makeover because it’s something every business owner should know. Your branding will help you connect with your audience, save time, and make you memorable.

Sweet Talk is inspired by Y2K, and the aesthetic is perfect for us to reach our millennial audience. By embracing a bold and friendly brand personality with nods of nostalgia from the 2000s pop culture, we stand out in a saturated (sometimes dull) marketing landscape while being inviting to a variety of industries, from pets to retail to hospitality to charities.


By defining who you are and who you serve, you speak to your audience in relatable and familiar way. This allows for messaging to land and resonate with them.


By choosing your logo, colours and fonts and taking it one step further by selecting imagery, design elements, and keywords, too, you will save so much time! You can separate what fits within your stylistic world and trash everything else. This is especially helpful if you use tools like Canva, where thousands of templates exist.

Did you know that Elle Woods was a huge inspiration for Sweet Talk?

We are positive people who always see the best in others and ourselves. We are loyal, bubbly and honest. Like the Legally Blonde character, we strive to support people and help them reach their potential.


By honing in and focusing on our personality and goals - our posts will become more and more recognizable. Trust can be established because we will set the tone on how we want to be perceived by staying true to our values of supporting our audience. You can do the same by remembering you need to have messages that serve your audience (sorry, it’s not about you, it’s all about them.)

Don’t let the pink fool ya. Our creative outlook allows us to adapt to our client’s needs and brand stories while guiding them to get their voice heard by their target audience. When working with you, one of the first steps will be to define your brand—setting us both up for success. We know this because we have worked with many small businesses to not-for-profits in the lifestyle industries. We pride ourselves in our ability to learn about your business and uphold your brand voice and style in all your content.

We cherish our clients. We are more than consultants. We are your team, ready to serve your business and support your goals! Think of us as your business bestie, so contact us today.




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